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Golf Cart Maintenance Tips

villages golf car maintenanceTo keep your golf cart running smoothly throughout the year and to reduce the need for costly repairs, regular preventative golf cart maintenance is very important. Here are some basic maintenance steps you can do yourself in addition to regularly scheduled tune-ups:

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Your golf cart’s battery is a vital part of your golf cart and if not maintained properly, replacing it can be quite costly. A top quality golf cart battery, if properly maintained, should last 4 to 5 years.

Remember before servicing your battery, to be sure and remove any jewelry, watches or rings. If metal comes into contact with your battery terminal, the situation can become quite dangerous. You might be surprised to learn that the battery in your golf cart contains enough voltage to weld metal together! Also, the acid in your battery is very corrosive and can pose health risks. Remember to always use safety glasses or goggles and heavy rubber gloves to check and refill batteries.

With a fully charged battery, check the electrolyte water levels in each cell regularly, every three months. Be sure that the lead plates in the battery are fully submerged in water. If the water in the battery dries up, the life of the battery becomes shortened and the battery becomes a fire hazard. Always use only distilled water to refill the battery, and use only enough water to cover the plates. Overfilling the battery causes the acid to overflow when charging, which causes corrosion of the cables and metal frame. A single point battery watering system can streamline the process significantly.

Golf Cart Tire Maintenance

Check your golf cart’s tire pressure monthly and be sure it is filled to the manufacturer's recommended pressure (usually 22 psi). Under inflated tires can cause the tire to wear unevenly wear and shortens the life of the tire.

Uneven wear can also be indicative of an alignment problem. Hitting a curb or hole can cause your tires to become unaligned. Have your alignment checked and your tires rotated if necessary. Making sure your tires are properly aligned, rotated and filled extends the life of your tires.

Golf Cart Brake Maintenance

The mechanical brakes on your golf cart should be checked and serviced once a year. Brake maintenance includes the examining and adjusting of the brake pads, drums, cables and pedal. Improperly serviced brakes can become quite costly and pose a serious danger to the safety of the cart’s occupants.

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