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How Big is The Villages® Community.

If you live in Florida or have ever visited Central Florida, you've more than likely heard of the giant retirement community named "The Villages". How big is The Villages, Florida?  It's a picturesque town, complete with almost any type of shop and culinary craving you might be looking for. Most people are used to a retirement community being a small subdivision or a gated community, but not The Villages® Community. They're a bit larger and have a bit more of a unique spin on what a retirement community should look like.

The Villages® Community takes up a 32 square miles. Now I know that doesn't sound like much, but this community stretches out over THREE counties! That's right; The Villages® Community has made its home in Lake, Sumter, and Marion Counties. So that means it's smack dab in the middle of Florida! If you were driving those 32 miles through this community, it would take you longer than you'd think it would take to travel 32 miles. That's really because of all there is to see and do, there's so much beauty in The Villages® Community to take in!

Within those 32 miles is more than just homes for our retirees, it also includes 50+ golf courses, three town squares (which are always lively and have an event or street party happening weekly), and well over 2000 clubs and activities for any of the 125,000 Villages residents! It even has its own hospital and is home to some of the best doctors and nurses around.

The Villages® Community is a perfect example that life doesn't end at 55+! This community even offers tours to determine if this is the lifestyle for you (aptly named The Villages Lifestyle Tour). Thirty-two miles might not seem like enough, but you'd be amazed at all the things you can do and discover here in The Villages® Community, Florida.

White Pelican Home Service can help you find a vacation rental and even help you find that perfect dream home! Click here to find out more. 

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