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What is a seasonal house rental and what can you expect from it?

seasonal rental, The Villages, FLFor more than 30 years, retirees have come to stay and play in the premier Florida active adult community known as The Villages® community. Many people make their way to Florida's friendliest hometown intending only to rent for the season and end up purchasing their permanent retirement home. However, there are many considerations for first time prospective seasonal house renters along with a few things you can expect and that ; you of you.

Because The Villages® community is still growing, there are an ever increasing number of seasonal rental homes available. Finding one you love is not a problem. However, you will want always to talk with the owner/agent about a property before you rent. Some seasonal rental property owners require and offer incentives (like resident ID discounts or free newspapers) for multiple consecutive month rentals, while others do not.

What is Peak Season? The Villages® community Peak Season usually runs from January to March, so if you have not booked already, now is the time to call. Sometimes property owners require multiple consecutive month bookings and the reason for this is that each time a renter vacates a home, it is cleaned, repaired, prepped and ready for the next tenant. If you would prefer just a single month during peak season, check for cancellations or newly listed properties.

Sometimes, these owners are willing to breakup peak months rather than requiring multiple consecutive months. Prices are set by the homeowner and are often negotiable, but as a general rule during peak season, you can expect to pay between $2500.00 to $4000.00 per month. April through May as well as October through November is some of the best weather months in Florida, and by booking during these times, you can save significantly compared to peak months.

Expect to Book Early. Veteran peak season renters often book a year in advance. Be sure that if you do book early, you get complete detailed documentation of your upcoming reservation from the rental home owner/agent.

Know How to Book During Off Season. The key to booking during offseason is the negotiation. If a property owner offers weekly or bi-weekly rentals, the details are in the listing information. Keep in mind that a local Motel or Hotel will run upwards of at least $89 per night, so don't expect to pay less than that. Many Villages homeowners offer short term stays at around $100 a night for a home, which enjoyment far exceeds the confinement of a hotel room.

Ask Before Bringing Your Fur Baby. If you have ever visited The Villages® community before, you already know that our area is extremely pet-friendly! Some homeowners, however, are not. Be sure to check the details found in each rental listing to determine whether an owner/agent includes "Not Pet-Friendly," "Pet Considered," or "Pet OK." If the listing includes the term "Pet Considered," be sure to discuss the issue of pets with the owner personally.

Plan for Number of Persons in Party
A lot of seasonal house rental listing indicate that they will rent to a maximum of two (2) people. If, however, you would like to bring more than two people, be sure to discuss this with the owner or agent. Often, the owner will allow for more people but may require additional costs or cleaning fees. The best way to know is to discuss your plans and ask questions.

Always be Respectful and Responsible
Both homeowners and renters are expected to respect one another and be responsible for the home. Good communication between renters and owners/agents is key to a successful, enjoyable experience.

For more information on available seasonal rentals through White Pelican Home Services, use our handy rental property search form to find your perfect oasis.

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