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What is house staging?

house staging the villagesHouse staging can make a significant impact on getting the home sold in a market that is price-competitive. Home staging determines areas that need design improvements like updated paint colors, strategic lighting scenarios, and maximum curb appeal.  Staging helps you to see the home from the perspective of potential buyers and to organize clutter, spotlessly clean the home and get it ready for open house.

House staging starts with a pre-staging checklist, recommendation for furniture, art and accessories and a detailed quote to begin your transformation. Once your transformation begins, professional stagers use design science techniques to perfectly position your furniture, art, and accessories to prepare your home to wow potential tenants or buyers.

The housing market is on a current upswing. Therefore renters and buyers have a wide variety of houses to choose from in their search for the perfect one. A properly staged home can easily mean the difference between the purchaser or tenant loving it or passing it over.

Many homeowners confuse staging with decorating and resist the process and recommendations of the staging professional. The reality is, however, that the moment you commit to selling your home, you need to commit to the transformation of your home into a place that buyers can easily picture as their own. You need to prepare for emotional detachment.

Your home may represent you, but what is it saying to your potential buyer? Most sellers tend to take the staging process personally, which is precisely the point. Homes are always personal - yet how we live isn’t how we sell. Your home represents who you are; they are life-sized memory books of your travels, they trumpet your likes, your dislikes, and your beliefs. They showcase your stuff -- all that stuff you have accumulated over time that speaks to you. The goal of house staging is to make your home now talk to everyone else, in a compelling and positive way.

Staging is not a DIY sport. Only a third party specialist brings the neutrality and objectivity that’s needed to accomplish the goal. Staging is not an indictment of your style and tastes. Rather, it is the stager’s job to ensure that nothing in the home upstages the home itself.

Make no mistake - professional home staging is an inconvenience. Your daily routine will be turned, at least momentarily, on its head. It can be unsettling to watch as your life rearranged to suit the tastes of others. But keep in mind that since selling your home in the shortest amount of time and for the most money is your goal, it is precisely those "others” who should be your focus.

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White Pelican Realty helps you take care of your home, whether you are there or not.

We specialize in selling homes, villas and condos, as well as leasing them for vacations or seasonal residents. We also offer home maintenance services like exterior and interior painting, housekeeping and roof cleaning.

We also provide home watch services for seasonal residents to ensure that your home stays safe and secure even when you are thousands of miles away.

We also offer golf cart rescue, repair and transportation services.

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