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Why Do Snowbirds Need To Consider Home Watch?

Snow Birds need a home watch services.

By Tennille Shelley

As a snowbird, you enjoy the luxury of the best of both worlds. Enjoying Florida during its milder months, while escaping the brutal winters of home. But, have you given any thought to what's happening around your home when you leave the Sunshine State?

Unfortunately for those of us that live in Florida, we know that higher temps mean higher crime rates. A Department of Justice report found that burglary incidents are 10.5 percent higher in the summer than the winter. And it's not just burglary that the report showed an increase in. It also revealed that in the summer, rates of household property victimization, household larceny, and serious violent crimes were significantly higher as well. The Wall Street Journal reported that there was a "definite correlation" between an increase in temperature and an increase in crime.

Keep in mind, that crime isn't the only concern you might have for your home while you're away.
Your home's A/C compressor could fail and leave your home victim to humidity and stagnant air, encouraging the potential growth and spread of mildew and mold spores. A ceiling leak from an upper level condo, left unattended could also mean costly water damage to your property.

So what's the solution? For safety and peace of mind while you're away from home, HomeWatch is a safe bet. Our Home Watch Service includes having a trained professional methodically inspect the outside of your home for any signs of entry or damage. We complete a comprehensive, detailed inspection report for each visit. And promptly coordinate licensed professionals to perform necessary repairs and maintenance of your home in the event that something goes awry.

White Pelican Home Watch Service includes management and performance of home watch inspections, concierge services, the coordination of maintenance and service of residential properties. If you are snowbird, an absentee owner of a vacation home, residential home, or an investment property, then HomeWatch is the service for you!

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