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Get a jump on spring cleaning with exterior washing!

pressure washing the villagesPressure washing your home’s exterior is a daunting task – especially if you have no idea how often you should have it done. Good thing spring has finally sprung here in The Villages® Community, and it’s the perfect time for a professional exterior washing!

The amount of rainfall is perfect in the spring. 

Typically, we consider rain a good thing. With fresh water falling from the sky, it makes sense to think that rain will rinse off our cars and our house. Too much rain (likely daily Summer afternoon storms) however, often make it more difficult to keep your home’s exterior clean. While it’s true that rain cleans a certain amount of surface gunk, it also contributes to a dirty home exterior. That’s why Spring is the perfect time to get your house shiny and new for the rest of the year!

Humidity levels

Humidity levels are lower in the Spring in Central Florida than they will be by Summer. Humidity attracts mold and mildew to your home’s exterior  - this causes it to look dirty and poses a health risk to your family and guests. When humidity levels are still manageable in the Spring, it is crucial to have a professional pressure washing service that will make your exterior look like new again, and dually ensure that mold and mildew disappear from your home’s exterior.

Rule of thumb: clean it once a year

If you’re still not sure how often to pressure wash your home’s exterior, a good rule of thumb is to have it cleaned annually - during Spring. Including exterior pressure washing in your spring cleaning routine gives you the time to hire a power washing professional to use the proper chemicals and equipment to make your home’s exterior look shiny and new.

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