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How will the extensive growth of the Villages® community impact existing home sales?

senior couple sitting on benchWhile The Villages® community is rumored to be at or near the originally intended “build-out” capacity of 100,000 residents, growth in and around “Florida’s Friendliest Town” (spanning Marion, Sumter, and Lake Counties) shows no signs of slowing down. 

Satellite communities without the 55+ age restrictions of The Villages® community are rapidly popping up near the edges of the development. Realtors and builders market homes in these newer neighborhoods to healthcare and finance professionals who remain in great demand among The Villages® community residents.

Three key driving factors that contribute to the surrounding growth are:

  1. The density of people
  2. The income said people deliver into the economy 
  3. The accessibility of their geographic location

The Villages® community has all three and is still the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. In other (more coastal) parts of Florida, the cost of living is much higher than that of The Villages® community, making it a driving factor as well.

In the long term, The Villages® community is expected to continue to grow through the expansion of boundaries and the development of additional satellite communities to continue to service residents. The number of people retiring in the United States every day continues to grow, and a large portion of those people will want to migrate to The Villages® community for their retirements. 


A Quick History of The Villages® community

the villages florida history

The Villages® community has a unique and distinctive beginning and innovation. During the 1960’s, land within and around the immediate Villages® community area was sold to individuals via purchase order by a Michigan businessman named Harold Schwartz. Then, a ban went into effect which prohibited the sale of property through the mail, and Harold was stuck with a large area of the unsold property on his hands.

Initially, the idea was to use the land to make a housing park. Development for a place called Orange Blossom Gardens began in the Seventies. Sadly, however,  for Schwartz and his business partner, Al Tarrson, only 400 housing units were sold by the early 1980’s. To spark new development and turn things around, Schwartz made the decision to buy out Tarrson and asked hisown son, Gary Morse, to assist him in taking over operations.

Schwartz and Morse decided to bring a boost to Orange Blossom Gardens by considering the methods of the successfully planned retirement community, called Sun City. This retirement community features a manicure golf course, stocked fishing ponds and hobby retail shops.

By 1985, the community of Orange Blossom Gardens took shape and featured a community plaza, two swimming pools, horseshoes, bocce ball, lawn tennis courts, and a golf course.

Continuing to boost and enhance the success of the community, the family of developers decided to develop a concept that supplied residents with everything they would want or need right in their  neighborhood. A medical center, a bank, and a medical workplace were added. The family continued to add even more businesses to produce entirely different services for the residents to choose from.

With the community flourishing, the developers started planning and building homes. When the milestone of more than $40 million in annual sales for the year of 1987 was hit, a bowling alley and a grocery store moved into the community. 

With sales of homes thriving, a “village” concept plan developed, and three villages were designed - Del Mar, El Cortez and Mira Mesa.

The success of the Orange Blossom Gardens community transformed the little city of Lady Lake from just 3,000 residents to over 10,000. By 1990, additional recreational places were built, including a hotel, a recreation center, and a golf course. In 1991, even more communities were designed, and the Orange Blossom Gardens community was changed to a brand new name: The Villages.

Over the next decades, sales continued to climb, and more amenities were added.  By 2001, The Villages® community was home to more than a dozen golf courses, three churches, thirteen pools, sixteen restaurants, twenty-eight tennis courts, and by then, of course, 27,000 residents.

In the last ten years, the Villages® community has  continued to grow. The Villages® community has established its   radio station, television station, and newspaper; and all of these are smartly controlled by the developers. When Harold Schwartz passed away in 2003, The Villages® community had become home to more than 35,000 residents and was featured in Builder Magazine as one of the top 100 places to build.

By 2005, The Villages® community provided its residents with five softball fields, seven championship golf courses, twelve recreation centers, eighteen executive golf courses, twenty-six pools, thirty lawn tennis courts; several places to play horseshoes, shuffleboard, bocce ball, bowling and a movie theater.

In 2007, The Villages® community was recognized as the largest retirement community in the United States with more than 67,000 residents! Just a year later, the town was named the most rapidly growing micropolitan areas in the nation. 38,000 homes were designed with 75,000 residents calling The Villages® community home.

By 2014, the community was home to 100,000 residents over 55; happily driving their golf carts not just to the green to play, but also to shop, dine out and enjoy the more than 1,700 activities available to them.


4 Awesome Reasons to Enjoy a Vacation Rental in Florida for the Summer

florida seasonal rental the villagesFlorida Summer vacation rentals are the perfect combination of luxury and comfort and without a doubt should be included as your top priority in your Florida vacation plans. There are countless reasons to enjoy a Florida vacation rental for the Summer, here are 4 to get you started: 

  1. Location. Location. Location. - The lakes and beaches located within minutes of your vacation rental are perfect examples of all that Florida entails. Filled with beautiful, eye-catching wildlife and friendly locals, our area is a haven for sunshiny bliss. Nearby lakes draw kayakers, boaters, canoers and other outdoor enthusiasts while providing a peaceful, serene venue for a quiet family picnic or memorable family photographs.
  2. Amenities beyond a hotel - unlike hotels (that only offer essentials intended to give you one night of sleep), vacation rentals come stocked with amenities to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible the entire time you’re here enjoying all that Florida has to offer. Vacation rentals are truly a home away from home and offer more space and privacy than any hotel.
  3. Excitement or Relaxation - No matter what your mood is on any given day of your vacation, Florida summer vacation rentals give you the perfect atmosphere to enjoy both relaxation and excitement. Nearby lakes, rivers, restaurants, art galleries, theaters, nightlife, shows and attractions let you determine how each day of your vacation will go - all from the comfort of your "home." Central Florida has much more to offer than just Disney World. Fishing, kayaking, canoeing...the list is endless, and your only limit is your imagination.
  4. Backyard Grilling - unlike hotels, in vacation rentals, you can get to know your neighbors and the instantly friendly feeling that locals enjoy in Florida. Don’t feel like jumping in the car and going anywhere other than your vacation rental? Why not kick back by the pool and enjoy a good summer backyard barbecue with your fellow vacationers? Make new, lifelong friends and enjoy the laid back lifestyle Florida has to offer. Maybe you’ll grab some secret sauce recipes while you’re at it!

5 awesome reasons a golf cart is a way to travel in The Villages® community

villages golf cartsHere are the 5 awesome reasons to travel to The Villages® community:

  1. Skipping traffic jams- no matter where you live, there are traffic jams at particular times of the day, and The Villages® community is no exception. In a golf cart, it doesn’t matter if it’s the morning, afternoon or evening rush hour. Golf cart paths allow you to zip around Florida’s Friendliest Town like the VIP you are!
  2. Gas prices don’t matter - if you own a modern electric golf cart, you get to ignore the complaints about those prices at the pump! While everyone is moaning about filling up their average cars, you get to zip on by knowing you’ll plug in later!
  3. No license? No problem! - Florida Golf Cart Safety Law only requires that golf cart drivers be at least 14 years old - no license required. You can get the same driving under the influence (DUI) citation under Section 316.193, Fla. Stat. The golf cart driver also can be cited for other traffic violations, such as running a stop sign or failure to yield, etc. While safety always matters first, if your primary form of transportation is a golf cart, you never have to worry about lines at the DMV again!
  4. Less Maintenance and more customizable options! Even if you’re not a golfer, there are countless ways to spruce up, customize and make your golf cart uniquely yours. Take it from this guy a golf cart can never be too decked out. Maintenance is much lower than a regular car, too - so it’s much less headache!
  5. Ease of access! As we mentioned earlier, in Florida, one need only be 14 years old to operate a golf car legally - what could be easier? If your teenage grandkids are in town and feel like taking a tour of our fantastic community, hand them the key and rest comfortably knowing they’re going to be okay!

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How will the extensive growth of the Villages® community impact existing home sales?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

While The Villages® community is rumored to be at or near the originally intended “build-out” capacity of 100,000 residents, growth in and around “Florida’s Friendliest Town” (spanning Marion, Sumter, and Lake Counties) shows no signs of slowing down. 


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