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3 Great Reasons to Rent Your Vacation Home Through White Pelican

the villages Florida

The Villages® Community lifestyle is highly sought after by retirees all over the country. After working hard their whole lives, they want to move to a place with a laid back and fun atmosphere. This place has it all: warm, beautiful community, great nightlife, golf, and so many enjoyable activities to try. 

It is always nice to try out the place before you buy, so renting a home or villa in The Villages® Community is a great way to do that. That's where White Pelican Vacation Rentals come in. We know and love this fantastic slice of Heaven in Central Florida. 

We are the one stop shop for all of your property rental needs. When you rent from White Pelican, you get a stunning and clean home with new appliances and fabulous amenities. 

Just bring yourself and your suitcase when you stay in our fully finished rental homes, beautifully decorated with the latest Florida designs. 

Dinner, dancing, and shopping are just a short golf cart trip away in various convenient locations throughout The Villages® Community. 

Whether you are looking to stay long term or want a vacation rental to experience all that this beautiful town has to offer, White Pelican Vacation Rentals has you covered. 

Contact us today you book your next vacation rental in The Villages® Community! 


Steps to Take to When Renting Your Home in The Villages® Community

the villages rent homeThe choice to rent out your Villages® community home is an important one and should be made carefully, with the assistance of a reputable professional. Professional home rental/property management companies will:

  • Film and publish Virtual Tour or still shots of the inside and outside of your property
  • Set up a website page with pertinent details about your property
  • Register for sales tax collections with FDOR if applicable
  • Set you up with an owner’s account for tracking and reporting your income & expenses
  • Prepare & execute a legally binding rental and lease agreement
  • Set up direct deposit for you to receive rental payments
  • Provide home watch for periods when your home is vacant

The time it takes to rent your property depends on a few factors, including price, location, and condition of your home. On average, it takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days to market and gets your home rented.

The rental/property management company you choose should qualify all of your prospective tenants with a rental application, background check, and credit check.

As the owner, you will usually be expected to maintain your own Amenities fees, HOA fees, or condo fees. Utilities, lawn maintenance, and pest control are often the owner’s responsibility as well unless indicated otherwise in your legal agreement. If you're interested in renting out your Villages® community home, contact White Pelican today!


Get a jump on spring cleaning with exterior washing!

pressure washing the villagesPressure washing your home’s exterior is a daunting task – especially if you have no idea how often you should have it done. Good thing spring has finally sprung here in The Villages® Community, and it’s the perfect time for a professional exterior washing!

The amount of rainfall is perfect in the spring. 

Typically, we consider rain a good thing. With fresh water falling from the sky, it makes sense to think that rain will rinse off our cars and our house. Too much rain (likely daily Summer afternoon storms) however, often make it more difficult to keep your home’s exterior clean. While it’s true that rain cleans a certain amount of surface gunk, it also contributes to a dirty home exterior. That’s why Spring is the perfect time to get your house shiny and new for the rest of the year!

Humidity levels

Humidity levels are lower in the Spring in Central Florida than they will be by Summer. Humidity attracts mold and mildew to your home’s exterior  - this causes it to look dirty and poses a health risk to your family and guests. When humidity levels are still manageable in the Spring, it is crucial to have a professional pressure washing service that will make your exterior look like new again, and dually ensure that mold and mildew disappear from your home’s exterior.

Rule of thumb: clean it once a year

If you’re still not sure how often to pressure wash your home’s exterior, a good rule of thumb is to have it cleaned annually - during Spring. Including exterior pressure washing in your spring cleaning routine gives you the time to hire a power washing professional to use the proper chemicals and equipment to make your home’s exterior look shiny and new.


Golf Cart Breakdown

golf cart troubleWhenever someone hears the word retirement, the first few things that come to mind are relaxation, satisfaction, and enjoyment. Where can a retiree go to enjoy their new found free years once work is done and it’s time for play? Fortunately, there’s a community in Central Florida built for just that. It’s a town called The Villages, and it is a retirement kingdom. An entire town dedicated to enjoying life in the silver years and taking it easy. It’s quite a large town, so there’s a lot of areas to cover, but what about just going to a friend’s down the block? Or making that quick trip to Publix to pick up a few essentials?  Thankfully The Villages is 100% golf cart friendly (which works perfectly for those retirees who came to Florida to golf in the sunshine). It’s very easy to get around town to any  amenities in a golf cart. Though unfortunately golf carts sometimes malfunction just like a regular vehicle and will sometimes leave you stuck between your home and destination. What can you do? Who can you call?

Most golf cart trouble is battery related in some way. Either it doesn’t have enough of a charge, or something has gotten loose with the connection of the battery and won’t fire up the cart. If you  can’t call an S.O. or family member to  give you a jump, there are still options to get help. AAA offers assistance with broken down golf carts in select parts of The Villages and may also offer them in other retirement based areas as well. It is seen as the main method of transportation and the company understands the frustration of a broken down vehicle, be it car or golf cart.

Another option is to call a locally based golf cart company to assist in towing or charging of the golf cart. This can be either the dealership where the cart was sold or even an independent company such as White Pelican Home Services. Companies like White Pelican go above and beyond with assisting in a broken down golf cart. Ensuring each customer is a number one priority and making sure you and your golf cart get from point A to point B and back with no worries.

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We also provide home watch services for seasonal residents to ensure that your home stays safe and secure even when you are thousands of miles away.

We also offer golf cart rescue, repair and transportation services.

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Steps to Take to When Renting Your Home in The Villages® Community

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The choice to rent out your Villages® community home is an important one and should be made carefully, with the assistance of a reputable professional. Professional home rental/property management companies will:


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